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Discover Jaipur

Jaipur is a land of cultural heritage unfolding the legacy of the royal past. When you are planning to visit Jaipur, it is important to know about the culture, customs, and traditions that are followed there. However, Jaipur has joined the parade of metropolitan cities; still, traditions and customs form a routine lifestyle of the people in this city, which you will find quite surprising.

Jaipur is the commercial centre for most of the rural regions of Rajasthan, so you could come across typical Rajasthani men and women wearing turbans and ghagra-choli respectively during your stroll in the city. The cultural prosperity of Jaipur is visible in its local festivals and fairs.


Jaipur’s cuisine is rich like the royalty of Jaipur. The cuisine of Jaipur offers many delicacies to gratify the appetite of every taste. In Jaipur, lot of ghee and butter is used in cooking the food. Dal-Bati Churma, Dahi Vada, Mawa Kachori, Besan Ka Gatta, Ker Sangri, Pyaaz Ki Kachauri, Chakke Ki Sabji and Jodhpur Ki Rabri are some of the main attractions of Rajasthani cuisine. Rajasthani Food is usually vegetarian, pure and nutritious.


People of Jaipur are quite rugged in their appearance. However, these desert people are well-built, cheerful and simple, rather untouched by the swiftness of modern times. Here, people prefer to wear bright colored clothes, as if they are compensating for the barren landscape. Women of Jaipur like red, yellow, green and orange colored attire with a dazzling work of gold/silver zari or gota. Tribal ladies wear loads of silver jewelry; even men can be spotted wearing earrings. Men wear turbans or pagadis of bandhej (tie & dye) in bright colors.


To communicate, language is really important. Mewari is the primary language of Jaipur, yet Rajasthani, Hindi, and English are also common in the city.


The main religion which is followed in Jaipur is Hinduism. Other religions include Jainism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity in the decreasing order.

Folk Dance and Music

Dance and Music of Jaipur bring liveliness to the desert lands of Rajasthan. “Ghoomar” is the main folk dance of Jaipur in which the ladies flaunt their huge ghagras or skirts while dancing. Regarding music, the people of Jaipur share the royal interest of Rajputs in Morchang, Naad, Tanpura, Sarangi and many others.