Cambay Grand, Ahmedabad


Spa in Ahmedabad

The spa is mostly associated with water health treatments and, it is often referred to as Baleno therapy. Since prehistoric times, the mineral waters are looked up to as a cure for various health issues. In the present times, day spas are quite popular as they offer a variety of cleansing and massaging treatments that de-stress you.

At Cambay Grand, Hotel in Ahmedabad, India we believe there’s more to life than meetings and work. The beautiful mix of the mystical waters and the aesthetic and medical treatments of India offers a variety of therapies to cure you of the ailments. Ayurveda, the massage treatment of the east yields many therapies that remove the stress and rejuvenate you. Splurge into our exotic spa therapy that includes aromatic massage, halcyon music, and healing touch and gets you rejuvenated. Our professionals ensure you walk the path of peace and tranquility while undergoing a spa treatment at our Spa in 5 Star hotel Ahmedabad. You will not only feel good but this will boost your overall performance as it relaxes your body, mind, and soul.